Stroke Recovery: Allow Elderly Stroke Patients to Feel Versatile

stroke recovery - stroke in elderly

When a loved one suffers from stroke, it can change your entire family’s life forever. Although proper rehab can perhaps restore strength and balance from a stroke in an elderly patient, it won’t be enough for them to take care of themselves at home in the way they used to. We can provide personal care aide in Chesapeake, Virginia to assist your loved one with their daily routine of self-care.

At Life’s At Home Care, we believe that allowing stroke patients to feel capable of doing things when others think otherwise can give the former a sense of accomplishment. It helps combat stress and depression. It also keeps them mentally stimulated. When you care for an elderly with stroke, you have to do your best to make them feel that they are not a heavy weight to carry.

Our in home aides can create a practice for your elderly to perform specific tasks independently to raise their confidence and pride. The tasks can include:

  • Securing a towel around the neck before mealtime
  • Operating a TV remote control
  • Folding the laundry
  • Arranging the books in the shelves

Having a stroke or not, everyone wants to feel that they’re useful. Our in home aide in Virginia will be sensitive about the situation. Although they will be doing the heavier tasks, they understand that allowing their patient to feel versatile helps the latter mentally and physically.

We also serve as a Medicaid provider in Virginia. Our caregivers can help remind your senior loved ones to take their prescriptions on time. They can also make sure that the services of doctors and therapists are scheduled.

If you have thoughts on how to better care after a stroke in an elderly loved one, please leave a comment below.