Keeping Your Seniors Safe During the Winter Season

Keeping Your Seniors Safe During the Winter Season

During the winter season, the cold temperature can make life quite challenging for anyone, especially for the older adults. The sidewalks can get slippery and the freezing weather can sometimes result in accidents, injuries, or illnesses for many senior residents.

Anyone can slip on the icy sidewalks and the snowy roads can cause people to trip if they are not careful. Sadly, these slips and falls are a common experience for senior residents as per our experts in Life’s At Home Care. As a result, they suffer injuries, fractures, or lacerations from the different parts of their body. Unlike younger individuals, senior citizens do not recover from them quickly.

The freezing weather can cause hypothermia for many older people. You need to secure your senior loved ones with thick layers of clothing and keep the temperature at home warm by adjusting the heater or lighting up the fireplace.

If your senior family member needs to go outside to go shopping or get some fresh air to take a break from all their indoor activities, you try to encourage them to cover all exposed skin with a scarf, warm hat, thick socks, leather gloves, and a coat. To protect their lips and lungs, it is essential that they cover their mouth with their scarf, especially in cold temperatures.

Hiring someone as a personal care aide in Chesapeake Virginia can assist your senior family member on a regular basis to keep them safe, warm, and healthy during the winter season, or any season for that matter.

The services of our in home aide in Virginia include constant supervision, housekeeping, meal preparation, and quality companionship.

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