Managing Diabetes at Home for Older Adults

Managing Diabetes at Home for Older Adults

Managing diabetes becomes a lot more difficult for older adults. They need to have control over their food consumption and lifestyle to prevent the increase of blood sugar levels that cause health complications.

Although many older adults already know that eating sugary foods and staying up late at night can affect their blood sugar level, it doesn’t exempt them from getting tempted to binge on sweets and online streaming.

Staying at home and watching TV commercials about the delights of cakes and pastries can sometimes get the better of anybody, including elderly adults. The next thing you know, your older family member is already placing an order for a box of them.

There may also instances when your elderly loved one finds an enticing series online that they want to watch until the end. As a result, they lose track of time and stay up late at night. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

As a Medicaid provider in Virginia, we urge family members to encourage your older adult who has diabetes to control their cravings by drinking plenty of water, eating more protein, avoiding stress, and getting enough sleep. It may help as well if you gently remind them about their health condition.

If you or your family members can’t be there all the time for your older loved one because of work, children, or other life priorities, you can always get a personal care aide to care for them.

As providers of home health Norfolk, VA and the surrounding areas depend on, our caregivers can assist your older loved one with home tasks, meal preparation, and medication reminders. They can also remind your older loved one to avoid eating too many sweets and to get enough sleep.

If you are looking for reliable and dedicated Norfolk home care worker for your loved one, please¬†contact Life’s At Home Care.