Older Adults Need to Be Physically Active

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Having a physically active lifestyle can prevent health and fitness decline for older adults. As a result, it adds more years to their lives and they get to enjoy their retirement more. However, not all of them utilize this prescription, according to a Medicaid provider in Virginia.

Some older adults may like to spend their time watching their favorite shows on TV or online, reading books, making new recipes, and doing other fun things at home. Although these indoor activities are quite the entertainment, they’re not much of a workout.

Other older adults may like to exercise, but they don’t know the best routine for their body. Is stretching something that they need to do first? Are they still capable of lifting weights? How many minutes should they jog? Is dancing enough for a physical workout?

Although you or an in home aide in Virginia can teach your older adult how to use Google to search for online videos on physical workouts for the elderly, it may be better if you enroll them in a class or group of older adults who are actively demonstrating various exercises.

Life’s At Home Care believes that joining a growing number of older adults who like to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a great way to motivate your loved one to do the same. At the same time, they can enjoy the company of new people and make friends. It’s better than staying home all the time and feeling isolated from the world.

Having a personal care aide in Chesapeake Virginia to accompany your older adult to their workout class regularly can be beneficial. They can assist by carrying your loved one’s duffel bag containing their clothes and shoes as well as help them with transportation access.

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