Older Adults Need Skin Care

Older Adults Need Skin Care

One of many things that happens to a person’s body as they age is experiencing dry skin. Aging causes oil glands to stop or reduce the production of natural oil that helps keep the skin soft and smooth.

When older adults experience dry skin, it sometimes causes them to have dry spots on their skin, especially on their arms and legs. Their skin may feel rough and scaly when you touch them. You may also hear them complaining about itchiness.

Yes, dry skin can cause itchiness. When the body surface does not have enough oil as a form of protection, the bacteria can easily penetrate it, according to the health experts in our Medicaid provider in Virginia. A person may feel that the itch is coming from underneath their skin. No matter how many times they scratch it, the tingling still lingers.

Applying lotion and moisturizers as often as possible can help prevent or reduce dry skin. Senior adults need to have these supplies at home so that they can utilize them. They will also need to have handy ones that they can bring if ever they need to go out.

Eating a well-balanced diet, including water-rich foods like watermelons can keep the skin hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids also does the trick. Senior adults may need to minimize drinking coffee and sodas though because they can cause dry skin due to them being diuretics.

Unfortunately, some older adults may not have the capability of caring for their skin and other needs anymore due to their age, illness, or disability. It’s essential for a family member or a caregiver in Suffolk to provide assistance and support so they may have better life quality.

If you’re look for elder care in Suffolk to assist your senior loved one, you’re welcome to contact us today.

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