Tips for Taking Care of Elderly Parents with Vision Impairment

Tips in Caring for an Elderly Person with Vision Impairment

Seniors whose vision progressively becomes impaired due to their age encounter tough challenges even in the comforts of their home. Losing their independence of doing their habitual activities, whether indoors or outdoors, can lead them to feel frustrated.

Some families in the community hire a personal care aide in Chesapeake, Virginia for help taking care of elderly parents with vision impairment. They want to make sure that while they are at work or running errands, a trusted person can take good care of their loved one.

To help a senior loved one with vision impairment, these tips from Life’s At Home Care can help:

  • Provide them with reading magnifiers or glasses. Seniors often like to read newspapers or books.
  • Install lights and grab bars in the bathroom, stairways, and hallways. Seniors need to see where they’re going and have something to hold on to prevent falls.
  • Arrange the window curtains during the day to allow light to illuminate the house. Seniors can see the environment better if the sunlight can reach the inside of the house.
  • Place large labels on their medicine containers. As a Medicaid provider in Virginia, we want your seniors to take the right medication to preserve their good health.

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you want to share your ideas on how to care for a person who is living with vision impairment, please do so by leaving comments in the comment section below.

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