Seniors With Arthritis Can Still Enjoy a Quality of Activities

seniors with arthritis enjoying activities

Seniors With Arthritis Can Still Enjoy a Quality of Activities

Arthritis can be a real piece of work for many senior residents because it causes them a lot of pain and limits their mobility. Their usual activities and hobbies that they used to enjoy may now be too difficult to do without experiencing sharp stings in their joints.

Life’s At Home Care would like to round up a few of the many of the fun and mind-stimulating activities that your senior loved ones can do without exerting too much effort to move around or at all.

  • Listening to audiobooks
    Many senior residents love to spend time reading books, but some of them can no longer read well without straining their eyes so much. Introducing them to the joys of listening to audiobooks can benefit your senior loved one in many ways. They need not strain their eyes, and they can also do other things while listening to audiobooks.
  • Listening to music
    If listening to audiobooks can entertain your senior loved one, so will listening to music. Good music can uplift their spirits and take them back to the good old days, especially when the song reminds them of something or someone.
  • Easel painting
    Easel painting helps improve wellness and fosters mindfulness. It can give your senior loved one a pleasant distraction from the discomfort of arthritis. It can also increase mobility and proficiency in the fingers.
  • Bird watching
    Your senior loved one can use of feathered friends. Bird watching is an excellent way to go outdoors, stay active, and get connected with nature. It is a relaxing activity, but you make sure to remind them to be mindful of their posture and take breaks.

You can join your senior loved one with these activities, so they will not feel isolated and maintain their social connection. Otherwise, you can hire a personal care aide to accompany them.

An in home aide can be their regular companion, as well as their personal assistant when it comes to mobility and housekeeping tasks.

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