Aging Can Affect Bone Mass

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Have you ever noticed your senior family member wearing the same clothes you’ve given to them as presents ages ago appearing a lot bigger on them? No, the clothes haven’t expanded, that’s
for sure. Your loved one is losing bone mass, making them appear smaller than usual.

Losing bone mass or bone density is part of the aging process. It can affect an older adult’s appearance, like their posture and movement. It can also cause them to tire quickly and have a high risk for falls.

You may also notice that your senior family member’s posture has become more bent. Their neck has also appear titled and their shoulders have a narrowness to them. Because of these changes, you may hear them complaining about feeling pain when they try to stretch.

As for your senior adult’s movement, you’ll notice its slowness and limitedness. Its pattern becomes shorter and unsteady as well. It’s essential that they become extra careful with their activities because they are more prone to falls compared to younger adults.

As per our health experts in our Medicaid provider in Virginia, it’s essential that your senior family member increases their intake of calcium and vitamin D to delay the decline of bone mass. They also need to stay active to prevent problems with their muscles and bones.

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