Some Reasons Why Senior Adults Stay Up Late at Night

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Life’s At Home Care, experts in senior care and dementia care Portsmouth area families trust, believes that a decent amount of sleep is an opportunity to have a better life quality. Lack of it can result in irritability, palpitations, fatigue, and low immune system.

Sleep is essential for senior adults and they know this. However, some of them may underestimate just how valuable it can be because their general attitude is that it’s something that they have to do rather than something they get to do.

Many senior adults accept that sleep is necessary because their body gets tired at the end of the day which prompts them to get into bed at night. However, how many of them see sleep as a chance to become more youthful, mentally-active, livelier, and even fitter versions of themselves?

As a Medicaid provider in Virginia, we have performed extensive research on why some senior adults stay up late at night. Here are a few of the many reasons we have discovered for senior sleep issues:

  • Late night TV talk shows. You are probably guilty of this, too! However, indulging in these addicting shows can take hours of precious sleep.
  • Social media. If your senior loved one is internet savvy, they’re probably chatting away with family and friends late at night. However, the activity makes them lose track of time. It’s essential that you remind them to get some sleep.
  • Loneliness and depression. It’s hard for your senior family member to fall asleep when they’re always lonely and depressed. Visit them often.
  • Uncomfortable bedroom environment. Does your senior adult’s bed make squeaking sounds? Is the room too cold or too warm? It’s essential that they have a cozy bedroom setting.

Hiring an in home aide can be beneficial for your senior adult because they can help rearrange the bedroom into a more comfortable setting. They can also remind your loved one that it’s time for bed and prepare their warm baths and clean sheets.

If you are looking for a personal care aide in Virginia, call us today!